Sherco Motorcycles is the only brand of French motorcycles that is still active. This French company is headquartered in Nîmes France and was created in 1998.

The youthfulness of the Sherco trademark, born in 1998, contrasts with the growth that it has experienced. The popularity of the Sherco brand among riders has allowed a fast, but methodical, expansion of the product line and the number of models offered.

For the purpose of production, the choice was to create two plants, each producing a range of products which are specific. Thus, the Spanish factory in Barcelona which was founded in 1998 specializes in the trial category, while the French factory, which was established in 2003, specializes in enduro production.

The Sherco range currently consists of nearly twenty different vehicles. The range is divided into two main categories, enduro and trial. The enduro category consists of 4-stroke models with displacement of 250 to 450 cubic centimeters, and the 2-stroke models with displacement of 125 to 300 cubic centimeters.

The brand is currently sold in over fifty countries worldwide, covering five continents.

Sherco is an independent brand, therefore it manages its development pace and organizes its strategy as it pleases. We believe this is a key to success!

Sherco OEM Motorcycle Parts Online

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